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The Benefits of Body Clipping Your Horse and the Maintenance Needed to Keep Them Comfortable

A groom’s nightmare is a horse that has a long thick coat, comes back overly sweaty after a workout, takes twice as long to bathe and rinse them and takes forever for them to dry.  I can say this because I … Continue reading

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Horse Coolers, Sheets and Blankets; Knowing the Importance of Their Use and Why We Need Them

As far as I have read in the past, horses are not only cold weather animals, they are supposedly able to withstand up to thirty degrees below zero without any pain. Just remember that we are talking about horses that are … Continue reading

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Hay Nets or Hay Bags Can Be A Horses Best Friend, Especially When Traveling

Coming from the world of Racing Thoroughbreds, hay nets are just an every day item in the barn. The hay nets are kept very full with high quality hay and are placed on the outside of the stall and then tied back … Continue reading

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