About Beverly Jansen

I am a licensed thoroughbred trainer, and a certified Equine Message Therapist.  Homeopathic remedies have been a special interest as I have seen these products do wonderful things for horses.

As far back as I can remember, horses, horses and more horses was all I could think about. Actually, I would not be surprised if my first word spoken was horsey instead of Mama or Dada. My first real experience with horses started around the age of thirteen with backyard horses, then onto Western Pleasure horses, then English Pleasure and some show jumping.  I ventured on to having a boarding stable at age twenty-two. My next venture was onto racing Thoroughbreds; first starting on farms breaking yearlings and also learning about breeding for five years.  The next step of course was onto the race tracks, enjoying the rewards of many winners.

All in all, my whole life has been about horses.  I have had rooms and apartments either inside or overtop of a barn.  We have been together for more than forty years, and I would not have wanted it any other way.

My objective in producing this website is to extend this knowledge of a lifetime about horses to as many people that will take the time to listen, or for those who experience problems with horses that they just can’t seem to figure out.  Two heads are better than one and I am here to help you to understand the wants and needs of these magnificent creatures as well as the social do’s and don’ts. Even though we have domesticated horses, we cannot change the desires that were born within them.  The more we understand their way of thinking, their emotional, physical and nutritional needs, the more we can succeed in having healthy, happy horses that can bring great joy to our lives.  If I can pass on this insight to the many horse people out there and help as many horses, to be healthy and happy, I will feel the greatest sense of worth and accomplishment.

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