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Providing knowledge of the use of short or long term products internally as well as externally for your horses.

Your Horses Will Thank You for Using Bev’s Equine Magic Salve.

Every once in a while, a product is created that actually does what it says it is going to do.  I have been working on such a product for over 10 years and finally came up with a solution to … Continue reading

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Equine Massage Therapy, Chiropractic and Therapy Machines for Horses. Are They Necessary?

My first question to you would be, “How many massages have you had in your life?” If the answer is none, then you need to get a good full body massage in order to understand where I am coming from. … Continue reading

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Preparing Your Equine First Aid Kit For The Constant Cuts, Scrapes And Abrasions Horses Encounter

From the very moment of birth, foals, yearlings and older horses will inevitably and almost constantly acquire a considerable amount of cuts, abrasions, bruises, and unfortunately sometimes very severe injuries. It is important to always be prepared with as many … Continue reading

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