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Grooming Your Horse Like A Professional

What is better than going to the barn and seeing your horse standing in the stall, shining like new money, mane perfectly pulled and laying beautifully on your horses’ neck, dapples everywhere just talking to you saying , look at … Continue reading

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Barn Etiquette: Necessary Tools, Feed and Hay Storage, and Manure Management

My advice would be to prepare yourself for Mother Nature. Horses need care regardless of the weather. There will be times when you will have to go out in the torrential rain, sleet or snow, or the bitter cold as … Continue reading

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Keeping Horses In Stalls: Going The Extra Mile

There are certain situations where some horses spend most of their time in a stall. Of course, racing horses are kept in a stall constantly but that is another type of situation that I am not necessarily targeting. Another horse … Continue reading

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New Horse, New Environment: Expect Horse Jitters

Wishing I could tell you, after going through the tasks of looking for your first horse, checking for soundness and way of going, buying your first horse and then tackling the worries of moving your horse to his or her … Continue reading

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